A word from the Chairman.

April 12, 2014 in Updates by Chairman

It has come to our attention that we are now facing our biggest challenge as we now have direct competition upon us. I will make this perfectly clear; we are committed to continue our home grown expo. It will be very challenging due the fact we face a competitor that can out budget and out promote us. It is clear to us that they have the deliberate intention to wipe us out even before we even start. To be very honest, we actually looked to them as inspiration, but now we have to look at them as competition which is highly unfortunate.  We take pride that we are from Texas and call San Antonio our home; it’s the reason why we wanted this Expo so that San Antonio can have something to call its own, we are not some outside force just trying to “cash-in” and push the “little guys” out of the way. If that’s what they are, then all the power to them, we are here to stay. We greatly appreciate everyone who believes in Southwest Animation & Gaming Expo to continue to spread the word about us. We know the road ahead is going to be much harder, but we know we can overcome it with all of your support.

-Ernest Zamora, Jr
Chairman – Southwest Animation & Gaming Expo (SWAG Expo)

$30 Pre-Reg Ends April 16th!

April 7, 2014 in Updates by Chairman

Don’t forget! $30 Pre-Reg Ends on April 16th!!

After that Pre-Reg jumps up to $35!


NERF War of AlaMoo Mesa: Be There!

March 20, 2014 in Updates by Chairman

If this video doesn’t get you hyped up about the NERF Wars next weekend…

Pre-Reg for SWAG Expo for $25 at this event!

Join our Facebook Event Page!

Next SWAG Expo Event: NERF War of AlaMoo Mesa! March 29 @ 3:00 PM, San Pedro Park

March 7, 2014 in Updates by Chairman

Our great pals at Black Rim Ops is hosting its first ever NERF War in San Antonio! You may remember for the past several years at MAGFest they have hosted the NERF Wars. Now it’s time to bring it home, Texas style! The event is FREE and is open to ALL Ages.


Visit our Facebook Event Page for a more detailed description of the rules and games to be played. Feel Free to Share and Invite others!

Thank you to Texas Furry Fiesta

February 24, 2014 in Updates by Chairman

We would like to thank everyone at Texas Furry Fiesta for letting us sponsor the AMV Contest presented by AnimeFunTV.


We have been very busy as of late we have more events & appearances planned, so stay tuned!

“One Year Till” Celebration @ Relentless Gaming

January 6, 2014 in Updates by Chairman


Come by and celebrate our “One Year Till” SWAG Expo at Relentless Gaming, located at 4726 South Hackberry St. on Saturday, February 1st!

The event is FREE!

Free to play Classic to Modern Video Games, Tournaments. Animations/Anime showings and Music.

Plus Get $5.00 Off Pre-Reg at this event only!

More event information to be announced soon! Follow our event page on Facebook!

San Antonio Exclusive, Channel Awesome Panel

December 20, 2013 in Events, Panels, Updates by Chairman


We are deeply honored to have several guests from Channel Awesome who are without a doubt absolutely excited to come San Antonio. It is no secret that fans of Channel Awesome have been waiting for an event in San Antonio to bring many talents from Channel Awesome. They too have been waiting for the right opportunity and the right event, and Southwest Animation & Gaming Expo is the only event in San Antonio that is more than willing to bring this type of panel to the great fans of Channel Awesome in the great state of Texas & southwest region.


One more announcement, first confirmed Panel.

December 20, 2013 in Updates by Chairman

We will announce our first panel, its one that you will expect. Will announce it in the next 5 minutes.

Special Guest, Phelan “Phelous” Porteous

December 20, 2013 in Guests, Special Guests by Chairman


Phelan Porteous is a twit who likes to make videos under the super secret name Phelous. His main comedy/review show is called Phelous and The Movies… according to IMDB anyway. The primary subject on this show was horror movies but lately Phelous also has been covering animated features and other subjects he loves like TMNT, Ghostbusters and Mortal Kombat. Phelous also has a strange fascination with Bootlegs and knocks off which lead to him starting the show Bootleg Zones where he shows such amazing items like “Robert Cop” and “Little Pluckies Ninja Protects”


Special Guest, Allison “Obscurus Lupa” Pregler

December 20, 2013 in Guests, Special Guests, Updates by Chairman


Allison Pregler is a ThatGuyWiththeGlasses.com video producer, better known as Obscurus Lupa. She’s most known for Obscurus Lupa Presents, where she reviews so-bad-it’s-good movies in an upbeat fashion. She also runs Manic Episodes, a series where she looks at mostly genre tv (the most popular installment has been the Charmed retrospective). Alongside that she makes Radu Reviews, a series where Radu from the Subspecies films takes a look at shorts.
Outside of TGWTG Allison has starred in the web series Ninja the Mission Force, a MST3K style riff series in the fashion of old Godfrey Ho ninja movies.
She is an avid fan of the show She-wolf of London and possibly a comedian.